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Форум » Форум про криптовалюту » Заработок криптовалюты » Майнинг отель в Европе (Sweden) “all inclusive
Майнинг отель в Европе (Sweden) “all inclusive
Сообщение - 1 | Опубликовано - 16.04.20 Автор - BeeMiner
DO YOU HAVE TURNED OFF DEVICES S9 / L3 + inEurope or your project is working now with zero profit?Or maybe you want to UPGRADE your old S9s fornew S17 before halving and earn 40-65% ROI per one year? TODAY YOU HAVE a great OPPORTUNITY to makeyour mining project MUCH more profitable than you have now, significantly
reducing the cost of electric and maintenance. HOW TO DO THIS?  1. Inour mining hotel IN SWEDEN (Motala, 250km from Stockholm) we have 1,5MW
data-center (mining hotel) with electric cost 0,055 USD/kWh. 2.Using custom firmware, you can configure this mode of operation of S9, in which
mining will again profitable and bring you money monthly. What does it mean? Total - you can host with us: 1. 1200pcs S9 / S9i / S9j or analogues 2. OR500 pcs S17 or T17 / WhatsMiner M20S We work ONLY under a hosting contract andeverything is totally legal. ATTENTION: there is only 1500 kW / h(1,5MW) sothe offer is limited (!!!) - we will stop selling immediately after fixing
contracts with customers for this power.Therefore, if you are interested or if youknow peoples for whom this information may be useful, please write/call to us,
we will be happy to answer all your questions! For receiving more info how to place yourdevices and increase profit from mining —-> contact directly  (Telegram, WhatsUp) +380673448822 Dmitry
Zyablov, +380 93 076 4004 Valentina Ostryakovahttps://beeminer.com.ua/data-centre-eng Looking forward for fruitful cooperation, BeeMinerCompany
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Для консультации по размещению в наших майнинг-центрах или заказа
устройств Вы можете связаться с нами любым удобным способом :
+380638105178 (mobile, WhatsUp, Telegramm)
Форум » Форум про криптовалюту » Заработок криптовалюты » Майнинг отель в Европе (Sweden) “all inclusive
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