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New Blockchain
Сообщение - 1 | Опубликовано - 18.08.20 Автор - cq48Pcpl8t4
COFFE is the world's first multi chaindeveloped on the basis of EOS, which is a full-fledged independent network with
its own consensus.

Our advantages:

o  FREEACCOUNTSConnect tocoffe network via telegram Make your account fast and free! o  CROSSCHAINSWAPSGreatbridge for swap coins from networks to coffe and and back o  DECENTRALISATIONBlockproducer selection based on random number generation

·       SecurityThesecurity of the COFFE blockchain is beyond question as it is built on EOSIO,
one of the most secure blockchains of today. The security of EOS is
time-tested. We not made significant changes in the system that could reduce
network security.

·       SMART WALLETFor theconvenience of users, we have developed a smart wallet on atomic swaps, using
the Telegram bot. ·       ATOMIC SWAPSCOFFE blockchain is developing theinfrastructure for creating atomic swaps with other blockchains. The swaps
mechanism allows conducting transactions from one blockchain to another. WHO CAN BEA BLOCK PRODUCER IN COFFE?In theCOFFE network, everyone can become a bp. To do this, it is enough to place
100 000 CFF in the block producer's contract stake, which will allow to obtain
a unique identifier of the block producer. In installing, configuring and
running the software, the project team will provide all possible assistance and
direct assistance. Server requirements to bps: 8 core, 32 Gb RAM, 2Tb HDD

Link to the official website https://coffe.io/
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Форум » Коммерческий раздел » Объявления » Доска бесплатных объявлений » New Blockchain (New Blockchain)
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